Water Heater Service

No More Cold Water!

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You've suffered through one cold shower too many, it's time for a new water heater!

When you select a new system you want to choose one that will supply enough hot water for your family and will be energy-efficient, saving you $$-money.

Darryl Barber & Sons will work with you to explain the various choices available including:

  • Conventional tank storage - status quo with straightforward maintenance
  • Heat Pump - can dramatically cut energy costs
  • Solar system - using the sun's energy to heat water
  • Tankless - heats water on demand

And, we'll guide you through the various criteria to help you choose the best system for your household:

  • Type of fuel used
  • Size/space available
  • Energy efficiency and your preferences
  • Costs associated with each option
  • Available rebates

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