Bathroom Remodeling

Outdated Bathroom? We can fix that!

Ahh.. for some peace and quiet.

The bathroom has evolved over the decades from being strictly utilitarian to becoming a sanctuary. If your bathroom doesn't feel like a retreat from the hustle and bustle of your daily routine - or if constant moisture has caused mold, or broken components it's time for a bathroom renovation.

And, like a kitchen remodel, in addition to energy efficiency and increased functionality, when it comes time to sell you will have increased your home's value, and will recoup up to 62%* of the remodeling cost.

Working in such a small space has its challenges. That's why it's important to have Darryl Barber & Sons on the job. We'll work with you on design and fixture choices for a bathroom that meets your goals and works within the limitations of your space and your budget.

Schedule your bathroom consultation with us today - Avoid costly plumbing and fixture mistakes and leave all your worries behind.

* According to the Wall Street Journal, a bathroom renovation is the #1 rated home improvement project for return on investment. ROI depends upon factors such as, current market values, how long you have lived with the remodel, appeal of design elements, and others.